beat about the bush

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beat about/around the bush

to avoid talking about a difficult or embarrassing subject because you are worried about upsetting the person you are talking to (usually negative) Don't beat around the bush. Just tell me where my brother is. There is no point in beating about the bush. I'm leaving you.
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But let's not beat about the bush - Mercedes were the quickest car, even though they ran into their issues.
I won't beat about the bush - I have spoken with the Dutch FA," said Hiddink.
If any of the celebrities are too far up their own backsides, he won't beat about the bush.
I won't beat about the bush - my season at Chelsea went very badly.
Sympathy ''To compound that and to book Gary Cahill for simulating which, let's not beat about the bush, what he is saying is that Gary Cahill was cheating in trying to gain an advantage of a penalty, that's one thing that lad would never do.
It is convenient to start the analysis with the definition of the opposite: beat about the bush 'approach a matter cautiously, indirectly, even over-cautiously or circuitously, because it is unpleasant, embarrassing, or delicate' (Brewer, CIDE, LDOCE3).
Dear Editor, Let's not beat about the bush, this Government is neither intellectually gifted nor tough enough to make a difference where it matters - in the safety its citizens.
And let's not beat about the bush here - breathtaking graphics, an incredible unreal game engine and a revolutionary tactical combat system make this unlike anything you've ever played before.
LET'S not beat about the bush, the British and Irish Lions have been wounded severely following their first-ever defeat at the hands of the New Zealand Maori in Hamilton at the weekend.