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Polar bears have survived previous Arctic warming periods, including the last warm stretch between ice ages some 130,000 years ago, but some experts say that nothing in the species' history is likely to match the extent of warming and ice retreats projected in this century and beyond, should emissions of heat-trapping gases continue unabated.
CORRECTION: The stories about how the polar bears are soon to be wiped off the planet, apparently because Americans drive automobiles too much and are otherwise too selfish to reduce their standard of living, have become as ubiquitous as they are preposterous.
It came bounding over the top of the hill,'' said Kate Maddox, who saw the bear after she heard a Ventura County Sheriff's Department helicopter.
BEAR FACTS Estimates remain sketchy, but wild populations of Asiatic black bears seem to have dropped to about 15,000 animals throughout all of Asia, says Dave Eastham of the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) in London.
It's not the healthiest thing to be happening for bears, but it was inevitable," says Craig Stevenson, 29, of Long Beach, Calif.
Haunting images of the spirit bear were used to great effect by environmental groups around the world in the global campaign to save the Great Bear Rainforest from being destroyed by logging.
But those bears cannot interact with refuge bears because "an ocean of agricultural fields" separates them.
To avoid the need to trap and euthanize "problem" bears, the Department urges people to follow a few guidelines when in bear habitat:
The bear "began pawing at the door and damaged the screen door, and window frame," reported DailyBee.
Marks is the coordinator of the California Bear Project, which began in Santa Clarita in early 2005.
To count bears, the researchers scattered 64 stations over a 4,000-square-kilometer sweep of wilderness near Golden, British Columbia.
Left to forage, manly bears dined in suburban backyards in several western states.
The grizzly isn't terrifically affected by logging--if timber sales are planned for a time when the bears aren't there," says the Fish and Wildlife Service's Doug Zimmer, a member of the North Cascades Grizzly Recovery group.
They" -- complete with outdoor gear and special one year memberships to the National Audubon Society -- are the new "Nature Bears" from The Vermont Teddy Bear Co.
Year-long series of events supports reading, playground builds, environment and the friendship teddy bears provide