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bearer of bad news

Literally, someone who delivers bad news. The bearer often identifies as such as an introductory warning that they have bad news to deliver. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I'm afraid your grandfather passed away late last night. We were celebrating our teacher's absence until Susie, the bearer of bad news, told us that the principal was coming to give us our exam.
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1. A military member who carries the flag of their unit. The soldier marched proudly, flag in hand, as the standard-bearer of his unit.
2. The widely-accepted leader of a cause, movement, or ideology. She rose above her contemporaries to become the standard-bearer of the women's rights movement.

the standard bearer

COMMON The standard bearer of a group of people or a belief is a person who represents them. He saw himself as the standard bearer of the right of the party. She's become very much the standard bearer for traditional, family values. Note: A standard is a flag with badges or symbols on it, which represent a person or organization. In the past, a standard bearer was the person who led an army into battle carrying a standard.
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Malkani gave assurance to the PHMA office bearers to consult to take input from the industrialists in the budget meeting expected to be held in January 2016.
All party office bearers of Thane city unit have condemned and expressed their disappointment over the recent developments in the party over the past few months.
After a major change in the office bearers of Markazi Anjuman e Tajran (Ittehad Group), Mirpur, the newly-nominated office bearers of the organization took the oath of their respective offices here on Saturday.
Total quantity or scope: Network Rail wishes to procure a new supply framework for hardwood and softwood timber sleeper and bearers and baseplates and associated items.
For while soldiers had weapons oering at least some protection, stretcher bearers would run into No Man's Land and into the line of re to pull back fallen comrades on the battle eld.
Olympic medalist and former long-distance runner Brendan Foster is one of the bearers, while former Olympic champion and triple jumper Jonathan Edwards has also been chosen.
The serving team of office bearers took office on 02 December 2012," she said.
1033 - The gun carriage and bearer party and escort party, led by a band of the Royal Marines, step off for the procession from St Clement Danes Church via the Strand, Temple Bar, Fleet Street, Ludgate Circus and Ludgate Hill to St Paul's Cathedral.
The bearer party will be followed by two cap orderlies, who will hold the caps of the bearers.
Mohammad Al Ansari, Chairman, Al Ansari Exchange and outgoing Chairman of FERG congratulated the new office bearers and also assured them of full support.
All surfaces, bearers and journals are inspected for damage or imperfections.
The CRYSTAL CHRONICLES franchise enters the action-adventure genre for the first time with FINAL FANTASY CRYSTAL CHRONICLES: THE CRYSTAL BEARERS.
The variants of these measures are obtained by applying various schemes of determining the significance of criterion bearers.
All 16 stretcher bearers were trained soldiers of the Liverpool Scottish.
Drilling, plugging and screwing these will be impossible though as there is simply no room, but using the glue and finding a way of wedging the bearers in place until it is dry, should ensure you get no further movement.