bear testimony to

bear testimony/witness to something

if something bears testimony to a fact, it proves that it is true The numerous awards on his walls bear witness to his great success.
See also: bear, testimony
References in classic literature ?
To those therefore I apply for the truth of the above observations, whose own minds can bear testimony to what I have advanced.
It is, that if Miss Manette should bring to you at any time, on her own part, such a confidence as I have ventured to lay before you, you will bear testimony to what I have said, and to your belief in it.
Tim Tozer, Mazda Cars UK managing director said: "The impressive sales bear testimony to the strength and skills of dealerships such as All Electric Garage (Birmingham).
The year's results bear testimony to the fact that Mobile Fun is entering a new phase of profitable growth.
My forays on foot have taken me from Fort St David on the Coromandel Coast, to Parry's Corner in Chennai, to the Bowen Methodist Church in the back streets of Mumbai, all of which bear testimony to the fact that the histories ofWales and India are more tightly interwoven than might be supposed.
Elaborating on the exhibits, Al Maamari added: Eoe1/4EoThe pictures bear testimony to the presence of the Portuguese, the Al Yaarubah state, Al Busaidi state and the emergence of the Armed Forces in the era of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said.
The wild animals straying into the populated areas across the country bear testimony to the decreased natural habitats.
Many people would bear testimony to how helpful a man he's been to them personally.
Two wins against both halves of the Old Firm and a place in the last eight of the Tennent's Scottish Cup bear testimony to that.
He had a top career and his 91 Irish caps bear testimony to his quality.
In a foreword dated the Feast of the Annunciation, 1998, Poland's Cardinal Glemp hopes that this book, celebrating the shrines where the Virgin is venerated throughout Europe, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Urals, "may bear testimony to our beliefs and devotion to the Mother of God, who "will guide us and support us with Her power and might on the path into the next millennium.
Although not France's place-kicker, England can bear testimony to the radar in his boot.
The National Council and its members bear testimony to the fact that medical, social, psychological and rehabilitation services offered in community settings help people with mental illnesses and addiction disorders recover and lead productive lives.
Carcasses have been found across Clocaenog which bear testimony to the grisly feeding habits of the Great Grey Shrike -known as the Butcher Bird because of the horrific way it dispatches its prey.
Now craters up to 20ft wide bear testimony to the force of the US bombardment.