bear off

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bear off (of something)

to turn off a road or course. Bear off the main road to the left. Don't bear off too sharply.
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All of my favourite animals, like Desert Orchid and the sunglasses-wearing polar bear off the Cresta Lemonade bottle, are white.
In December 2009, we took the last dancing bear off the streets of India, ending a cruel and inhumane tradition that has gone on since the 1600s.
Long was outboxed in the opening trades but had a big third round with knees from the clinch and finished Bear off with right hands and more knees which did the trick for an eight count and knockdown.
As long as we're talking about flags, its time someone yanks that bear off the state banner and sticks an ostrich up there, since it's obvious no one in California wants to deal with fiscal reality.
Dennis, who began his career in The Beano in 1951, was a child with a bit of the devil in him, so much so that he even knocked Biffo the Bear off the front cover in 1974.
She grabbed her bicycle and threw it to the ground, which scared the bear off.
If you tack first, you will twice have to bear off dead downwind after tacking, which is slow.
But a wildlife chief said: "The campers should have taken measures to scare the bear off, not just take photographs and videotape it.
Go along the vehicle way for about 50 yards then bear off along the footpath going left.
Federal officials have put forth similar proposals to take the gray wolf and the grizzly bear off the threatened species list as well.
When Hoss scares the bear off he finds the little man is gone and has left behind a strongbox full of gold.
Lord Stirrup accused President Vladimir Putin of war rehearsals by flying a Tu-95 Bear off Cornwall that was challenged by the RAF.
I have hunted brown bears for 20 g years, always passing up good bears in my quest for a great one, but pushing 70 years of age I knew the clock was ticking on my dream to take a giant bear off Kodiak with my bow.
A baby polar bear off the Coca Cola adverts because they are so cute.