beam down

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beam somebody/something down

also beam down somebody/something
to send someone or something to earth as waves of energy A few people liked my idea, but most just looked at me as though I'd beamed down from outer space.
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The state is a parent, and, as a wise and gentle and kind and loving parent, should beam down on each child alike.
The SSM-80 is ideally suited for a variety of applications including spot lighting, narrow beam down lights and focused general lighting applications where high performance and high efficacy in a standard surface mount package are needed.
The MBA s antennas beam down coverage to Earth, with each covering thousands of miles of terrain.
Now the 55-year-old has designed and patented the Jimmy Beam Down Light, which directs a low-watt beam downwards and illuminates the ground around the vehicle.
He wishes he has friends, so little aliens beam down in spaceships.
You wait light years for the return of Spock, then two beam down at the same time.
A portrait of funnyman Tommy Cooper will beam down on thousands of visitors to the Valleys town where he was born.
By inserting the Laser Boresighter into the chamber and closing the bolt, it will automatically activate and omit a beam down the full length of the barrel directly onto the target.
He says tourists would flood the area to view the beacon and ET crews might decide to beam down from flying saucers.
Researchers have designed a simple, inexpensive lens for X rays that can focus a high-energy beam down to a spot just 8 micrometers wide.