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have (one's) beady eye on (someone or something)

To watch or monitor something closely. You need to have your beady eye on the dog at all times, to make sure that he doesn't escape from the yard.
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keep a beady ˈeye on somebody/something


have your beady ˈeye on somebody/something

watch somebody/something very carefully because you do not really trust them/it: He always kept a beady eye on his employees.
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While Noel has won praise for his band's second album, Chasing Yesterday, Liam hasn't released anything since Beady Eye's last albu huge hima album, BE in June 2013.
And according to Beady, the 9,575 elderly individuals MFN serves represents only about 10 percent of the state's 100,000 who need their services.
Fans have been speculating that the end of Beady Eye could mean an Oasis reunion.
A girl sings along as Liam Gallagher (inset) performs with Beady Eye during the first performance day of the Glastonbury Festival at Worthy Farm, Somerset.
As I caught up with the singer ahead of Beady Eye's gig at Glasgow's ABC tomorrow night, Liam said: "What the Stone Roses said about never reforming is what you say when you are still hurting.
The Champagne Supernova singer - who performed live on the BBC1 show last night - had requested thousands of pounds worth of bubbly and beer on a rider list for his band Beady Eye.
Beady Eye - BE THE difficult second album is a cliche in rock, but after debut album Different Gear, Still Speeding flopped horribly, Beady Eye - essentially Oasis without Noel Gallagher - were as close to the last chance saloon as is possible.
The star will perform with his band Beady Eye on this weekend's semi-final, just days after he made a U-turn on a pledge to appear on rival TV hit show The X Factor, claiming he had just been "messing about".
BE Beady Eye WHEN Liam Gallagher, Andy Bell, Gem Archer and Chris Sharrock formed Beady Eye - Oasis without Noel Gallagher - it's fair to say that few expected much from them.
Rating 9/10 Beady Eye - BE When Liam Gallagher, Andy Bell, Gem Archer and Chris Sharrock formed Beady Eye it''s fair to say that few expected much from them.
A FORMER Huddersfield student is set to share a stage with both The Rolling Stones and Beady Eye this summer.
The 45-year-old ex-Oasis star revealed that, although his brother Liam's band Beady Eye agreed to play, he was too affronted by the organisers' furtive, safety-first approach to follow suit.
A Chinese crested's short snout, beady eyes and white whiskers earned it the title of World's Ugliest Dog at the annual contest in Northern California on Friday.
BEADY EYE Monday November 13, 02 Academy, Birmingham, 0844 477 2000 * ANYTHING Noel can do, he wants to do better.
Over the last few days the likes of My Chemical Romance, Brian May, Madness and Liam Gallagher's new band Beady Eye took to the stages at the last festival of the season.