be damned

something be damned

this thing is not important They tend to select the best software packages available, and costs be damned. If you repeat a lie often enough, people will think it must be true, facts be damned.
Usage notes: usually used with plural nouns, as in the examples
See also: damned
References in classic literature ?
Wearied at last by their importunities, the Government said it would be damned if it gave anything.
Personal responsibility be damned, local control of governments be damned.
Those who indulge in such tacky behavior seem to be intent on sending the message ``the public be damned.
They float an idea to centralize government functions in a civic center, take loads of heat from a public that basically hates the whole idea of going downtown, wait a few months to let the discussion fade from memory, then vote unanimously to proceed with the centralization of services and the public be damned.