be bursting/bulging at the seams

be bulging at the seams

slang To be overly crowded. Because of all the delays this morning, the train station is bulging at the seams. Good luck finding a place to sit!
See also: bulge, seam

be bursting at the seams

COMMON If a place is bursting at the seams, it is completely full of people or things. Note: The seams of a piece of clothing are the places where the separate pieces of cloth used to make it are stitched together. The tiny stadium was bursting at the seams with a capacity crowd of just under 10,000. We really need to sort out that shed. It's bursting at the seams.
See also: burst, seam

be bursting/bulging at the ˈseams (with something)

(also be full to ˈbursting (with something)) (informal) be very or too full (of something): All of our schools are bursting at the seams; we have to build new ones urgently.
See also: bulge, burst, seam