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Included in this delightful expose was the museum founder, San Pedro stripper, Jennie Lee or, as she was fondly known to locals, "Miss 44 and Plenty More" and "The Bazoom Girl.
Avocados, bazookas, bazooms, bee stings, bombs, bubs, buffers, bumpers, casabas, cupcakes, funbags, gazongas, grapefruits, hangers, headlights, jigglies, jugs, knockers.
Parton, top view Bust, Breasts, Bra, Bosom, Boobs, Bazooms C a-worm trying to swallow Curl, Can't-.
And the two, according to ABC-TV viewer surveys, are fan favorites in a medium that prizes hot-blooded hunks with flexing pecs and sassy sirens with big bazooms.
You'll see no interviews with her on celebrity TV shows and read no in- depth interviews about the "real meaning" of big bazooms in the serious press.
Dames in frilly vests with their bazooms hanging out, making eyes at guys who wear pants so tight you can tell their religion, yet nobody gets to bang anybody.