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enough to sink a ship

Also, enough to sink a battleship. A more than sufficient amount, as in They brought enough food to sink a ship. [Colloquial; mid-1900s]
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and battleships
n. big feet; big shoes. Get those battleships off my sofa! Hasn’t he got the biggest gunboats you ever saw?
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See also: battleship
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If you are in the mood for a mindless thrill ride, Battleship is all spectacle with some dazzling Transformers-style special effects.
Plot-wise that's your lot but even for a film this long, Battleship never gets boring thanks to special effects that would make Michael Bay weep.
Novelty casting: Rihanna plays it tough in her movie debut in Peter Berg's Battleship.
Battleship gradually achieves a brisk rate of knots and once the aliens enter Earth's atmosphere, director Berg orchestrates carnage on a grand scale to justify the water-logged $200m dollar budget.
The US navy takes on alien invaders in the move Battleship, starring Rihanna (above)
The Battleship Missouri Memorial Research Center offers unprecedented access into our collections department library of more than 600 books and archival material, along with personal, hands-on support from staff and volunteers," said Mike Weidenbach, the Missouri's curator and head of the collections department.
A spokeswoman said: "Before last year, Battleship Wharf was handling under 200,000 tonnes of cargo per year.
The cost and schedule for reactivating and modernizing two Iowa class battleships have not been fully developed.
I knew it was somebody's lighter who had served on that battleship, and it didn't feel right auctioning it off to a stranger,'' Chemel said.
He explores in some depth the intense professional competition between the Navy's line officers and engineers during the transition from sail to steam, and between surface officers and aviators in the transition from the battleship to the carrier.
British naval forces intercepted early this morning, off the coast of Greenland, German naval forces, including the battleship Bismarck.
Arizona, the French Battleship Richlieu, and the British Battleship HMS Hood among others.
Var of battleship, carrying the flag of Australia and the flags of other countries, parade in the Dardanelles
9, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- LtCol Kent Ralston USMC (Ret) has published Battleship Marine- A Combat History Of The USS Wisconsin In Desert Storm , a book that chronicles Ralston's firsthand experiences in Desert Shield/Desert Storm.
The reason I am writing to you is because the Prince of Wales battleship was not sunk by the Bismarck but - with the battleship Repulse - was sunk off the coast of Kuantan, Malaysia, on December 10, 1941, by Japanese Kamikaze pilots.