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I accept that the honorable member is an expert on screeching," responded David Mundell from the dispatch box without batting an eyelid.
Big tech firms like Google, Amazon and Facebook could write out a cheque for PS10billion for the broadcast rights for Premier League football without batting an eyelid.
AND EastEnders' Stacey believing baby Arthur is the son of God but not batting an eyelid that her psychiatrist is the Broadchurch Echo newspaper editor.
Prisons inspector Nick Hardwick said it was the most dangerous he had ever visited and that Charles Dickens could write about it without batting an eyelid.
People who say "neigh" to horsemeat do so because they find ponies loveable, but lambs, pigs, chickens and others are killed for food without many people so much as batting an eyelid or considering their ordeal.
He's used four-letter words to a small boy without batting an eyelid.
I passed two of these troupes coming in the opposite direction, pushing a cart and chatting happily away to each other and, as I did so, they rolled the cart through a pile of broken glass from a discarded beer bottle without batting an eyelid.
The includes the Price Commission who apparently let an increase of 50 per cent, go through without batting an eyelid or, I suspect, without carrying out any sort of investigation at all.
IT seems incredible that, despite contraception, millions of unborn children incapable of speaking for themselves can be slaughtered with hardly anyone batting an eyelid.
Since we overheard a middle-aged man using the f-word at least six times while shouting at his elderly mother in the street the other day - with neither of them batting an eyelid - we're allowed to be shocked but not surprised.
We can ride buses in London without anyone batting an eyelid and then I'll be playing on the David Letterman Show the next week, so that's pretty cool.
Worse, Stacey Slater's return has gone from funny - her Dick Turpin routine, scarpering with a scarf over her face - to the same old daft flannel, with the wanted knifewoman visiting jail with no one batting an eyelid.
Many English, Welsh and people of other racial extraction resident in Wales see no reason why our AMs should have to go cap in hand to Westminster for permission to make decisions Scotland can do without batting an eyelid.
If we are to discuss noise nuisance, a Birmingham City councillor should be forced to sit or reside between Coventry Road and Regents Park Road, Small Heath, and listen to the deafening fire crackers/fireworks that are released almost every evening without anyone batting an eyelid.