hand over the baton

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hand over/pass the baton

to give responsibility for something important to another person
Usage notes: If someone running in a race passes the baton, they give a stick to the next person to run.
(often + to ) Dougal resigns as head of the treasury this month, passing the baton to one of his closest associates.
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Colbert was right," thought D'Artagnan; "for me the baton of a marechal of France will cost the lives of my two friends.
A military gentleman with a field-marshal's baton in his
The wound was, however, but a slight one, and the Frenchman was about to renew his onset, when, at a sign from the prince, Chandos threw down his baton, and the marshals of the lists struck up the weapons and brought the contest to an end.
He sang an ancient song of Killisnook and brandished his whip like a baton.
A curt negative was the policeman's reply to that; and if ever I take part in a night assault-at-arms, revolver versus baton, in the back kitchen, I know which member of the Metropolitan Police Force I should like for my opponent.
Let a prejudice be bequeathed, carried in the air, adopted by hearsay, caught in through the eye,--however it may come, these minds will give it a habitation; it is something to assert strongly and bravely, something to fill up the void of spontaneous ideas, something to impose on others with the authority of conscious right; it is at once a staff and a baton.
The undertaker, instructed to spare no expense, provided long-tailed black horses, with black palls on their backs and black plumes upon their foreheads; coachmen decorated with scarves and jack-boots, black hammercloths, cloaks, and gloves, with many hired mourners, who, however, would have been instantly discharged had they presumed to betray emotion, or in any way overstep their function of walking beside the hearse with brass-tipped batons in their hands.
To put things shortly, he began a speech which had neither beginning nor ending, and cried out, a batons rompus, that I was a boy whom he would soon put to rights--and so forth, and so forth.
and who beareth quarterly, first, argent, a wolf ravisant carrying a lamb gules; second, purpure, three mascles argent, two and one; third, paly of twelve, gules and argent; fourth, or, on a pale endorsed, three batons fleurdelises gules; supported by four griffon's-claws jessant from the sides of the escutcheon, with the motto "En Lupus in Historia," was able to surmount these rather satirical arms with a count's coronet.
He joined other runners as the baton travelled along the River Ness heading to Spean Bridge.
The relay then moved the International Stadium and then to the Millennium Bridge where baton bearer Brendan handed it over to former British triple jumper Jonathan Edwards.
BIRMINGHAM is welcoming the Queen's Baton Relay today.
HUNDREDS of spectators turned out to watch the Queen's Baton Relay yesterday as it was carried up Snowdon and across the Menai Strait to Anglesey.
THE Queen's Baton Relay reached our highest peak yesterday as it continued its journey through Wales.