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They seem to keep a specially cutting east wind, waiting for me, when I go to bathe in the early morning; and they pick out all the three-cornered stones, and put them on the top, and they sharpen up the rocks and cover the points over with a bit of sand so that I can't see them, and they take the sea and put it two miles out, so that I have to huddle myself up in my arms and hop, shivering, through six inches of water.
Being one day abroad with my protector the sorrel nag, and the weather exceeding hot, I entreated him to let me bathe in a river that was near.
She was dressed now in some woman's garments that I had brought her; her curling hair fell upon her shoulders; on her wrist and neck and knee were bracelets of ivory, and in her hand she bore a lily bloom which she had gathered as she went to bathe in the river.
We must now continue to work with our partners to build on the high standards we have set so that communities across Wales and beyond can continue to bathe in top quality Welsh water for years to come.
Some birds also bathe in snow in much the same manner as in water or dirt (Clague and Goodwin 1949, Weisbrod 1971), although perhaps in response to different stimuli.
There are also cases where snow bathing has been described for European populations of species also present in North America, yet for which I failed to find a North American report; (Rock) Ptarmigan (Lagopus muta) bathe in snow during all months (Watson 1972), and House Sparrows (Passer domesticus) have been noted snow bathing at least once (Berndt 1961).
You may drink the water, bathe in the water or do anything you want with the water.