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basic decency

Common, everyday courtesy, respect, and politeness that is expected and assumed by social convention. Please have the basic decency to at least consult me before you make some extravagant purchase. It is an assumed basic decency that you should help someone if they are in distress.
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back to basics

Returning to the fundamental aspects of something. Since you're struggling to play chords, let's get back to basics and look at the notes on the scale.
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slang Describing one who likes stereotypically trendy things. Primarily heard in US. I'm not trying to be basic, I just love going to Starbucks.

basic bitch

rude slang One who likes stereotypically trendy things. Primarily heard in US. I'm not a basic bitch, I just love going to Starbucks, OK?
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back to basics

return to basic instruction; start the learning process over again. Class, you seem to have forgotten the simplest of facts, so it's back to basics for the first week of classes.
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back to basics

Back to fundamental principles, as in The plans are much too elaborate; to stay in our budget we have to get back to basics. At first this term was used mainly for schooling that stresses proficiency in reading, writing, and mathematics (also see three R's), but it quickly was transferred to other areas. [1970s]
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get back to basics


go back to basics

If you get back to basics or go back to basics, you concentrate on simple, important ideas or activities. It helps to get back to basics and say explicitly how we want to satisfy our target customer. This is about going back to basics, learning about a healthy diet and approaching food in a new way. Note: Back-to-basics can be used before nouns. We need a new back-to-basics drive to raise standards of literacy in Britain's schools.
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back to basics

abandoning complication and sophistication to concentrate on the most essential aspects of something.
Back to basics is often used to suggest the moral superiority of the plain and simple, as in a speech made in 1993 by the British Conservative leader John Major , who spearheaded the government's campaign for the regeneration of basic family and educational values in the 1990s.
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get/go back to ˈbasics

think about the simple or most important ideas within a subject or an activity instead of new ideas or complicated details: It’s time for us all to get back to basics and concentrate on what really matters.
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Mankovski commented, "We believe Basics Plus will become a significant product for us with its health promoting and immune boosting components, especially as they apply to the ill effects of radiation which we see so prevalent in this region.
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