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basic decency

Common, everyday courtesy, respect, and politeness that is expected and assumed by social convention. Please have the basic decency to at least consult me before you make some extravagant purchase. It is an assumed basic decency that you should help someone if they are in distress.
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back to basics

return to basic instruction; start the learning process over again. Class, you seem to have forgotten the simplest of facts, so it's back to basics for the first week of classes.
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back to basics

returned to the main principles of something She got back to basics on her last album, using just a guitar and piano to produce some wonderful music.
Usage notes: often used with go or get, as in the example
Etymology: based on the idea of learning the basics in school (reading, writing, addition, subtraction)
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back to basics

Back to fundamental principles, as in The plans are much too elaborate; to stay in our budget we have to get back to basics. At first this term was used mainly for schooling that stresses proficiency in reading, writing, and mathematics (also see three R's), but it quickly was transferred to other areas. [1970s]
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This study evaluated the impact of service learning on student performance among the Basic Statistics students at Morehouse College from 1997 to 2005.
Also covers the effect of drying on common paper problems and basic information on dryer section performance.
The Wheeler barrier, also known as the Davis-Standard DSB-1 barrier screw, combines aspects of all three basic patents (Maillefer, Schippers, and Dray).
Immunizations for adenovirus type 4 ceased at Fort Jackson and elsewhere in the army on April 1, 1997, and the adenovirus type 4 ARD outbreak in Fort Jackson basic trainees began in May (1).
Complete the Basic Water Rescue Instructor course or Instructor Cross-Over course, or complete the Water Safety Instructor's course, Lifeguarding Instructor's course, Sailing Instructor's course, Canoeing Instructor's course, or Kayaking Instructor's course.
Any such security for which the effect is greater than basic EPS based on operating income is considered antidilutive and is not included in a company's diluted EPS computation.
What is new in the past 40 years is that, because of changes in our society and in health care, the provision of universal access to basic health care has become part of that mandate.
9 SCIENCE that their clones of certain immune cells caled T-lymphocytes (T-cells) obtained from the blood of MS patients indeed react to myelin basic protein.
5 percent of that minimum for the 13th airing and each airing after that, but the payout could be considerable for performers since episodes of the more popular animated programs on basic cable can run 100 times or more in a single year.
For basic scientists to appreciate fully the clinical implications of their work, they need feedback from clinicians.
In May 1997, a large, persistent epidemic of adenovirus type 4-associated acute respiratory disease began at Fort Jackson, South Carolina, the largest army basic training center.
Throughout history, Americans--particularly American businessmen--have identified and tackled basic problems with huge arsenals of technology, productive hours and money.
April 28 /PRNewswire/ -- The state's largest school employee union joined other education groups today in promising legal action if the Legislature cuts constitutionally protected basic education funding, the Washington Education Association (WEA) said.
To develop those informal relationships and better coordinate our response to community concerns, the department moved the senior lead officers from the Basic Car deployment.
which previously indicated it was developing a low-cost basic service, today announced it has completed its planning and will introduce the new basic service on March 29, in most systems.