bash around

bash someone or something around

to treat someone or something roughly (physically or figuratively); to beat on or abuse someone or something (physically or otherwise). Stop bashing me around, and let's talk. The robber acted as though he was about to bash around his victims.
See also: around, bash
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I would like a woman as leader and what Liz has to do now is show her inner core of steel, show she's not afraid of being tough, show she has the clarity and courage to lead and unite our party, and show she's not afraid to square up for a bash around TV or radio studios.
net/picturegalleries BULLDOG BASH Around 15,000 people turned up for the four-day Bulldog Bash festival near Stratford.
It's good fun doing it on a Saturday and a Wednesday or a Tuesday night, having a bash around.
After an hour I was frankly bored and even the spectacle of the lads and a couple of girls climbing up on to the quasi industrial backdrop to bash around at some metal objects strung from scaffolding didn't raise my interest.
Laidre says that when she's seen males confront each other at tusk point, they don't really bash around.
An insider revealed conference facilities would cost between pounds 150 and pounds 200 per delegate - making the cost of the bash around pounds 40,000.
Gamers nowadays can only bash around groups of thugs for so long - eventually they'll want some diversity in the experience, and ``TMNT'' just doesn't have enough of it.
After the media bash around teatime, for the first time fans will be involved in the season's launch with Sheffield indie rockers Reverend and The Makers the headline act as a 'meet and greet' with the players provides a focus for the evening - Eorl Crabtree unsurprisingly being the prominent figure representing the Giants.