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Meanwhile, Cheetah Mobile Security Research Lab has created a tool to determine Web sites that are safe from Bash bug.
It's still very early days: The vulnerability was only reported on Wednesday, and the Bash developers are still working on a fix.
The unruly pupils of Bash Street School made their first appearance in the Beano in 1954.
MEAN MACHINES: Riders arrive for the Bulldog Bash at Long Marston Airfield near Stratford
You can get help with species identification from your local USDA biologist, base BASH team, or from base-operations personnel.
The biker's death is not being linked to any incidents at the Bulldog Bash.
The Bash is staged at the Shakespeare County Raceway, Long Marston, near Stratford-upon-Avon this week.
A Utah lawmaker's hearing designed to bash the separation of church and state went awry in July when the main witness turned out to be a supporter of Thomas Jefferson's church-state wall.
Just ask anyone who has sampled the wares of the annual Chocolate Bash in Fairbanks.
The Bash Street Kids cartoon strip was launched 50 years ago in The Beano featuring the aesthetically and behaviourly-challenged kids of class 2B.
BASH (Bird/Wildlife Avoidance and Strike Hazard) programs have grown and are evolving to encompass all wildlife that pose a hazard to aircraft operations.
LOS Angeles music impresario David Bash discovered the magic of Liverpool's legendary Cavern Club yesterday when he arrived in the city to launch what is considered to be the biggest pop music festival of its kind.
CNN Capitol Hill producer Dana Bash steps from behind the scenes to become a White House correspondent for the network.
Bash and Cuisine co-owner Ed Moore are opening the 3,400-SF location as part of a general/limited partnership with Don Lindsley and Angus Mackay, who also operate the Dallas Cow.
With more stars than the milky way, CBBC's Big Bash '98 arrives at the NEC, Birmingham from 26 -29 November and we have loads of goodies to give away - thanks to Big Bash '98 supporters Crusha.