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1. Sold at a low or reduced price; very inexpensive. The term comes from a section of a department store, usually at the ground or basement level, where inexpensive items or those at reduced prices are sold. George paid nearly $500 for his designer suit, but I think my bargain-basement suit looks just as nice.
2. Of very poor or inferior quality; having very little or no value. You can tell that these are bargain-basement toys: they all broke after an hour of the kids playing with them.

basement battler

In sports, a team that is ranked in a lower division (known as the relegation or "drop" zone) of a given league, and that competes against similarly ranked teams to try and advance into a higher division. Primarily heard in UK. They face another fierce basement battler in this week's match, and a lot is at stake for both teams.
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Changes in retailing patterns - corporate consolidations, the ascendancy of big-box discounting and so on - would help to seal the fate of Filene's Basement in Worcester, which matched the downward trajectory of the once-thriving downtown mall it anchored.
You can even have a basement in a one-bedroom flat - as long as you live on the ground floor of course.
The basement became smoke-logged and the alarm was raised when the smell of smoke roused them.
With pop-culture cycles coming faster and faster, it will probably only be a couple of years before DJ-producers start cannibalizing Basement Jaxx and Soulwax and club music implodes on itself; after all, you can only recycle something so many times before it completely breaks down.
For that headboard that was dug out of the basement, Maddie's mom used her seamstress savvy to sew a slipcover from a queen-size sheet that matched the bedding.
A court employee one day stuck a paper sign on the door to a maintenance crawl space, mistakenly identifying that as the nuclear shelter, not knowing that the basement itself was the shelter.
The address is the Basement, Backwalk, Stirling FK8 2 HX.
Because the basement and the upper floors are separate dwelling units, Bob must allocate this gain between the townhouse's residential and rental portions.
The practice's solution, with English Heritage agreement, was to restore the basement and transform it into a new public entrance, and in the process to reinstate Jones's original basement door on the north.
We evaluated not only the types of epithelium and the aspects of the basement membrane, but also the type of inflammatory infiltrate and the distribution of glands in the lamina propria of both areas.
And while many of those homes have their oil tanks tucked away in the basement, millions of others have them buried underground where, neglected, they constitute a subterranean hazard.
last week announced that it has provided a $120 million revolving credit facility to Filene's Basement Inc.
One officer called down the basement steps, demanding that any occupants come out.
A harbinger of the new as it cuts into the surface of past and present, the pit delineates the basement of an immense complex, several city blocks square.
The basement of Clayton Lodge, a combination dining hall, activity, area and storage facility, flooded some during the middle of June.