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But, ultimately, in that moment she's not really thinking anything except her base instinct, which is that she's a violent woman and that is the way she's lived her life for many many years.
When I've confessed that base instinct to players and managers over the last few days, the majority have used the same phrase: "It's part of the game.
When the money is down, it is our base instinct to want the ears scrubbed off one.
When I've confessed that base instinct, to players and managers over the last couple of days, the majority have used the same phrase.
But let there be sunshine and some base instinct seeps from the souls of certain young men who think it is their mission in life to assault the world with disjointed music at a decibel level that would ground a Boeing on health and safety reasons.
I don't think for one minute it's Mr Waters intention, but to home in on an unfortunate, exploited sector of migrants is to give fuel to those whose base instinct is to blame immigrants for all society's ills.
Across the board there is no reliable way of reversing the base instinct of these people and turning their interest away from children.
Appealing to the base instinct of defending your own race at the expense of others while attacking people of a different religion or colour is the way Hitler began.
He said voters had become "disengaged and disen franchised" with the Fianna Fail/PD coalition and added: "It's that same base instinct that sees them intent on rushing a referendum on June 11 to divert attention from their own broken promises.
Our policies are free of sheer populism and base instincts," the leader of VMRO-DPMNE underscored.
When rule of law, upon which the state derives its legitimacy, is replaced by the primal and base instincts of vengeance and retaliation, is not order, and justice itself, undermined?
The path forward is not 'moderation,' if moderation means simply pandering to the two sides' base instincts.
Feminist, violent, blunt, and disturbing, it remains as aware of the human capacity for folly as it seems convinced that base instincts can be risen above.
Examples of why electorates vote for demagogues and populists are legion as the latter appeal to the base instincts of the former, especially when it comes to immigration and whipping up hate towards minorities.
America has not elected a genial maverick but a man who exploited racial fears, distorted the truth and pandered to base instincts to win.