bark at

bark at

1. Literally, of a dog, to make a barking noise at something. The dog is barking at something outside—can you please calm him down?
2. To yell at or speak severely to another person. The science teacher barked at us for not doing our homework.
See also: bark

bark at someone or something

Lit. [for a dog] to make a characteristic sharp sound at someone or something. (See also bark at someone.) The dog is barking at the traffic again. Their guard dog was barking at me.
See also: bark

bark at someone

Fig. to speak harshly to someone. Don't bark at me like that over such a trivial mistake! Ken barked at the children for being noisy.
See also: bark
References in classic literature ?
When he went inside, the dogs did not bark at him, but wagged their tails quite amicably around him, ate what he set before them, and did not hurt one hair of his head.
Well, you must know, Bruce was mate of a bark at the time I'm speaking of, and he was on a voyage from Liverpool to New Brunswick.
He saw noble and beautiful visions, but he could only whine and bark at Ruth.
Another early investigation of Martin (1963) showed measurements of the specific heat storage capacity of ovendry bark at a temperature of 25[degrees]C.
LANCASTER -- Lancaster is gearing up for its annual Bark at the Park event, which allows dogs to strut their stuff while showing their human companions different activities they can enjoy with their pets.
Bark at the Park will include a pet costume contest, a Frisbee competition, a human-pet look-alike contest, and even a singing contest for musically inclined pooches.
The city has hosted Bark at the Park for over 10 years and is proud to promote responsible dog ownership,'' Vice Mayor Ed Sileo said.
1 -- color) Jim Safford and his 11-year-old heeler cross, Karch, give a Frisbee demonstration Tuesday at a news conference for the Bark at the Park event at Lancaster City Park.
The nuisance barking has stopped altogether and when he does occasionally bark at something unusual I can stop it straight away.
The pins were inserted into new bark at each reading; the old pin holes were avoided.