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barge in on

To abruptly and rudely interrupt or intrude on someone or something without warning. My bedroom is a private place, you can't just barge in on me like that! John thought he'd found the door to the restroom, but he accidentally barged in on the board meeting instead.
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not touch (someone or something) with a barge pole

To not want to become in any way involved in or with something or someone. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. Ever since the tax scandal in our last company, employers won't touch us with a barge pole. Get that cocaine away from me, I wouldn't touch that with a barge pole!
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black-silk barge

slang A fat woman. Primarily heard in UK. I hate to say that Jenny's a black-silk barge, but she's gained so much weight that I barely recognize her.
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barge in

(on someone or something) Fig. to break in on someone or something; to interrupt someone or something. Oh! I'm sorry. I didn't mean to barge in on you. They barged in on the church service and caused a commotion. Please don't interrupt me! You can't just barge in like that!
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barge in (to some place)

Fig. to go or come rudely into some place. He just barged right in without knocking. Don't barge in like that, without letting us know you're here!
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barge into someone or something

Fig. to bump or crash into someone or something, possibly on purpose. She just barged into me and nearly knocked me over. Tom tripped, barged into the water cooler, and hurt his knee.
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barge in

to enter a room suddenly and unexpectedly How can you barge in here like this and start shouting insults at me!
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I wouldn't touch somebody/something with a barge pole.

  (British & Australian informal) also I wouldn't touch somebody/something with a ten-foot pole (American & Australian informal)
something that you say which means that you think someone or something is so bad that you do not want to be involved with them in any way If I were you, I wouldn't touch that property with a barge pole.
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barge in

Enter rudely or abruptly, intrude. For example, Her mother never knocks but just barges in. The term is also put as barge into or barge in on to mean interrupt, as in Who asked you to barge into our conversation? These phrases use to barge in the sense of "bump into" or "knock against," which may allude to the propensity of these clumsy vessels to collide with other craft. [Late 1800s]
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barge in

1. To intrude and disrupt: The party was going fine until some uninvited guests barged in.
2. barge in on To intrude on and disrupt some activity or group: I wish you hadn't barged in on the meeting—that was very rude. We were playing cards when my brother barged in on us and told us the news.
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