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We provided the company with new proposals that made significant movement to resolve the disputed contract issues and repeatedly asked the company to return to the bargaining table, but they refused to bargain," Lefton said.
The primary object of collective bargaining is the determination of terms and conditions of employment through negotiations and process of give-and-take.
In one of several essays in this issue addressing relations between unions and school boards, George Mitchell and Howard Fuller ("A Culture of Complaint," page 18) propose that bargaining be subject to the same sunshine laws that apply to other public business.
The terms of the PPA and the manner in which NTSP utilized this agreement hindered the ability of payers to assemble a marketable physician network in the area without submitting to the collective bargaining systems set up by NTSP.
If you don't know the people you truly don't know the sides," says Betty Riback, San Lorenzo Education Association's bargaining chair and a 26-year teaching veteran in the district.
Sentencing Commission study in 1990 finding that 25 percent of whites get their sentences reduced through bargaining, compared to 18 percent of blacks and 12 percent of Latinos.
Prior to the Employment Contracts Act (ECA) in 1991, collective bargaining was predominant across the workforce.
create four bargaining units for nurses, auxiliary nurses, paramedical, professional and technical services and general support services;
The events in New York City ultimately led to more and more teachers demanding the right to bargain, and in many cases strikes ensued in order to gain collective bargaining recognition.
Hence, bargaining by the state--its power to contract and to grant--ought to be subject to as much scrutiny as takings, regulation, and taxation.
At their bargaining cycle, some unions have been negotiating less total compensation in real terms.
The collective bargaining agreement or the individual labor contract covers wages, hours and conditions of employment for a given time frame.
Fine addresses several importantareas of judicial breakdown, notably plea bargaining and the perversion of various "exclusionary rules," such as the one that was originally intended to prevent coerced self-incrimination ("No person.
After a brief meeting in Pittsburgh last Friday, the USW notified Allen in writing that the union was prepared to return to bargaining table when Goodyear indicated its willingness to negotiate meaningful plant and retiree medical security.
31, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- United Steelworkers (USW) members attending the National Oil Bargaining conference here this week developed bargaining proposals that will go to the oil membership for a vote before they become the union's national bargaining policy.