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Even when bargainer expectations are not identical, it can be shown that for given expectations, the presence of a fact-finder reduces the size of the contract zone.
Other libertarians, including many Bargainers, never even went through a period of expecting anything from the Bush White House.
Consequently, because FOA can be viewed as a noncooperative game, each bargainer is likely to infer that his or her probability of having his or her offer selected as the award will be higher if a more reasonable offer is submitted.
An interest bargainer will consider not what the employee requested but why.
Bargainer was launched to solve the two biggest barriers that keep consumers from finding the best deal when shopping online.
The bargainers agreed to meet Friday afternoon on narrow, nonfinancial and less controversial topics regarding work loads, both sides said.
But a net bargainer took half an hour to get me the shoes for 100 yuan," Huan stated.
And motor-mouthed dealer Clive Attrell gave hard bargainer Sue Adams, of Taunton, pounds 790 for her Galle vase.
This gives each bargainer an incentive to submit an extreme offer to increase its expected gains from arbitration.
Garcetti blitzed television in the closing week with attack ads calling Cooley a Republican ``plea bargainer.
A gruff but honorable bargainer, Helmsley nevertheless startled young Lerner when it came time to paying his first commission, which was for a New York magazine deal.
That point "is not to be ignored," said Kassy Fisher, university bargainer and assistant dean at the graduate school.
Known as a tough bargainer who would brook no nonsense as she travelled the world, Madeleine faced down despots like Saddam Hussein and Kim Jong-il.
Following the logic of Diamond, a strong bargainer will threaten to leave if his offer of p [less than] [p.
If a trade partner is a poor bargainer and offers to sell an item at only half of the maximum price the egoist is willing to pay, will she insist on paying more?