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barf out

slang To become very emotional or nervous. I nearly barfed out when I heard that I had to perform first in the school talent show. Mom will barf out if you come home after curfew again.
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barf out

Sl. to become deranged, to a greater or lesser degree. Terry barfed out when he heard about the damage Nick had done to his car. Yuck! I thought I was going to barf out.
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barf someone out

Sl. to disgust someone. (Fixed order.) You just barf me out! I barf myself out every time I look in the mirror.
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barf up

v. Slang
To eject some contents of the stomach by vomiting: He barfed up his dinner because the food was spoiled. She was so sick she was even barfing soup up.
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1. in. to empty one’s stomach; to vomit. I think I’m going to barf!
2. n. vomit. Is that barf on your shoe?
3. in. [for a computer] to fail to function. My little computer barfs about once a day. Something is wrong.
4. and barfola (bɑrfˈolə) interj. dammit; Good grief! (Often Barfola!) Barfola! You’re out of your mind! When he said “Barf!” I felt wow, so vintage!

barf bag

n. a bag available on an airplane for persons who are nauseated. I hope I never even have to see anyone use a barf bag.
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Barf City

n. someone or something disgusting or undesirable. (Barf = vomit.) The guy is so gross! Just plain Barf City!
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Barf out!

exclam. This is awful! (California.) Barf out! Get a life!
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barf out

in. to become very upset; to freak out; to psych out. I nearly barfed out when I heard he was coming.
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barf someone out

tv. to totally disgust someone. God! That kind of music just barfs me out! Who can stand all that slow stuff?
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n. an unpleasant person or thing. That guy is a real barf-out.