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Most importantly, the Acadians had little use for government, beyond the barest minimum necessary in a culture devoted to the individual pursuit of happiness.
Funny thing, though, if you check most popular texts on Canadian history, you will find only the barest mention made of the role of these trailblazers and nation builders.
maintains only the barest hint of a malty middle in the mouth [and it is] dry-hopped for extra quenching in the face of rising warmth.
Both the Jefferson nickel and Buffalo nickel designs are entirely indigenous, with only the barest nod to another culture in the motto E Pluribus Unum (from many--one).
The bill places only the barest limits on investigatory powers.
With the just the barest of details, dedicated Tyneside postmen tracked down Army veteran Adam Hastings to his home in Newcastle.
Wes Navarro, who supported the 10th Mountain Division at Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan; he remembered families reduced to the barest standard of living, for which 10-year-old boys were the sole providers, but he was impressed by their spirit.
Guided by only the barest outline of a plot, players were set loose in dark, subterranean corridors, blasting monsters with gleeful abandon.
Sleekly made from steel plate and chromium steel, this bullet-shaped can has a corrosion-resistant exterior; a lid that forms an odor-proof seal and opens and closes silently at the barest touch, thanks to a uniquely designed hinge; an interior metal bucket that may be lifted out to empty it or can accommodate "SmartFix" bin liners which can be disposed of simply and neatly; an unobtrusive, yet rugged hand grip that allows you to move the bin easily, even when fully loaded; and a plastic base to prevent scratching the floor.
Playgirl editors took to the screening room to give readers the "skinny" on the movies that include the barest essentials of their favorite stars.
com; L'Oreal Translucide Sheer Blush in Barest Glow, $10, at drugstores
The movies is really a feckless collection of sad plaims for which Moore offers only the barest glimmer of hope for a solution.
It is often obvious, however, that these overnight experts lack the barest fundamentals in the subject.
director Roger Weatherby yesterday said: "We are very aware of the inconvenience and the potential intrusiveness of the questions, but we feel that we have kept it to the barest minimum.
You can take the barest bone ingredients and make them into something that demonstrates [science].