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baptism by fire

1. The first time a soldier enters combat. Taken from a phrase that originates from the Bible, in Matthew 3:11. As they marched onto the battlefield, you could see all of the uniformed boys become men as they experienced baptism by fire.
2. A difficult ordeal that one has to undergo through immersion and without preparation. One week into her new job, Mary felt like she was undergoing a baptism by fire when she was suddenly put in charge of the company's largest account.
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baptism of fire

Fig. a first experience of something, usually something difficult or unpleasant. My son's just had his first visit to the dentist. He stood up to this baptism of fire very well. Mary's had her baptism of fire as a teacher. She was assigned to the worst class in the school.
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a baptism by/of fire

a very difficult first experience of something I was given a million-dollar project to manage in my first month. It was a real baptism by fire.
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baptism of fire

A severe ordeal or test, especially an initial one, as in This audition would be Robert's baptism of fire. This term transfers the original religious rite of baptism, whereby holiness is imparted, to various kinds of ordeal. At first it signified the death of martyrs at the stake, and in 19th-century France it was used for a soldier's first experience of combat. Currently it is used more loosely for any difficult first encounter.
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In the Byzantine Tradition, and in the Christian East in general, Baptism forms one integrated rite of initiation that is celebrated together with Chrismation (what the west calls Confirmation) and Eucharist.
From a lectionary and liturgical standpoint, putting this creation story in conjunction with the baptism and the conversation about the Holy Spirit's presence there brings up the question and it is worth pondering.
The present baptism service in the Common Worship service asks parents if they will "reject the devil and all rebellion against God", "renounce the deceit and corruption of evil" and "repent of the sins that separate us from God and neighbour".
For Cross, baptism as understood in the New Testament was integral to the primitive preaching of the gospel.
shapes his presentation with this thesis: baptism makes everyone into a child, and the child's vocation is to play.
During a reception organized by the Jordan Tourism Board at the Baptism Site yesterday evening and attended by ambassadors, foreign communities, diplomatic corps, heads of Christian denominations and a number of MPs, he said the Christian pilgrimage places include Baptism Site, Mkawer Southeast Ma'in, the Monastery of the Prophet Elias in Ajloun, Church of Our Lady of the Mountain located in the Angara and Mount Nebo in Madaba.
In Luke 12:50 (The Jerusalem Bible) Jesus says, "There is a baptism I must still receive, and how great is my distress until it is over.
9) A "thin description" would look only at the surface level of the event of a baptism of the Spirit as it might occur in either community.
The church celebrates Jesus's baptism every year on the first Sunday after the Epiphany.
The Jordanian group, supported by the Baptism Site Commission, vehemently denies that Jesus was baptized on the stretch of territory on the west bank of the River occupied by Israel in the 1967 war.
of our Baptism and of our confirmation, sources of grace that are always
This baptism is one of the religious pillars of the Subbi religion.
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In Baptism in the Early Church Everett Ferguson attempts what others, by their silence, have suggested is near to impossible--the completion of a work that treats a topic in ancient Christianity comprehensively, but in a style accessible to the beginner.