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TWO three-year-olds were among more than 1,000 pupils banned from school buses in Wales for bad behaviour over the past five years.
Officials from the Barmouth Pubwatch Group were invited to a meeting of their counterparts in Dolgellau and it was agreed that 35 people banned in Dolgellau will also be banned from bars in Barmouth.
Company boss Darron Brough, aged 41, from Walsall Wood Road, Aldridge, was sentenced to 15 months in jail and was banned from football matches for seven years for his part in a brawl following a West Bromwich Albion and Aston Villa match in 2004.
One of the most prominent and well known governmental regulations that virtually mandates C&D recycling is the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protections (DEP) requirement that all concrete, asphalt, wood, metals and old corrugated containers (OCC) generated in the state be banned from disposal in landfills.
CALIFORNIA jumped into the yearly fray over why Christmas symbols and carols get banned from schools and other public places when that well-known religious radical, Gov.
Perhaps matches should be banned from godly prelates and civic officials rather than books from the people.
The Anglican bishop of Harare, Nolbert Kunonga, is now on a list of Zimbabweans banned from the United States.
Dozens of editorialists and columnists condemned Joe Camel, and many said he should be banned from advertising.
The PWC industry will not remain silent when personal watercraft are unfairly banned from waterways based on poor evidence and discriminatory ordinances.
In addition to continuing inspections at landfills, combustion facilities and transfer stations to ensure that they are rejecting material loads that contain materials banned from disposal, MassDEP has begun looking more closely at companies that generate and transport solid waste, the agency has announced.
Contractors, land developers and lobbyists also would be banned from soliciting funds for a political party, ballot measure or charity at a politician's request.
No mention was made of how rural communities and economies would suffer when snowmobiles would be banned from National Parks.
Russell Long, executive director for the non-profit Bluewater Netork, an environmental organization that focuses on keeping California's waterways free from pollution, hopes that in the near future all such 2-cycle engines will be banned from all of the state's waterways.
The three-time Olympic gold medalist was found guilty of tampering with a urine sample and banned from competition for four years - the latest drug scandal to disgrace sports this summer.
Personal watercraft such as Jet Skis would be banned from all national parks as early as next year because of safety, noise and environmental concerns under rules proposed by the National Park Service.