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The ultra-hi-tech digital cranium-cams can record 400 hours of footage and police say will provide evidence to help get street-corner thugs bang to rights.
I suppose the decision had nothing to do with the fact Pipey and his rider were caught bang to rights added to which by not appealing Moore has a clear run at the Cheltenham Festival?
Birchfield secretary Tom McCook said: 'Denise is extremely proud of her roots and if she hears anyone trying to put the Midlands down she puts them bang to rights.
IF you are ever caught bang to rights at a murder scene, dripping from head to toe in blood, clutching a meat cleaver in one hand, a chain saw in the other, and screaming in a generally psychotic manner ' I hope the dirty rat rots in hell' just remember to sign up Sir Alex Ferguson as your defence lawyer.
My view is if someone is caught bang to rights committing one of these vile acts that can carry life imprisonment, then let them swing.
We had Moseley bang to rights but had so many opportunities we didn't take.
They got him bang to rights - well no, actually there wasn't a bang after all - in the House of Lords' cellar 400 years ago tonight.
It's deceptively dreamy before the big bang to rights sends the hairs on the back of your neck fluttering as Mercedes fly off into another soaring chorus.
Well, if the recent Health Service Ombudsman's report is anything to go by we're all bang to rights.
had brought in a couple of South Americans in murky financial and contractual circumstances, with a few porkies chucked in to muddy the waters even further, and then been caught bang to rights by the League, they would be playing their football somewhere around Conference North this season.