bang the drum

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bang the drum

To voice one's support for something. Quit banging the drum for that candidate—he is simply not qualified for the job.
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bang the drum


beat the drum

If you bang the drum or beat the drum for something or someone, you support them strongly and publicly. The trade secretary promised to `bang the drum for industry'. If the French want to beat the drum on behalf of French culture, good luck to them.
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bang/beat the ˈdrum (for somebody/something)

(especially British English) speak with enthusiasm in support of somebody/something: She’s really banging the drum for the new system.
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And Bang the Drum Slowly has such rich character and flow that you need not know first base from third base to enjoy it
Warwickshire's MPs will bang the drum loudly to convince our colleagues who speak for other councils that those councils must reach an agreement about the distribution of their funding which helps children in our area.
CANNOCK Chase MP Aidan Burley has pledged to bang the drum for Midland business transport needs after being appointed Parliamentary Private Secretary to Philip Hammond, Secretary of State for Transport.
Mr McCabe said: "These are difficult economic times and one of my most important tasks as an MP is to bang the drum for Birmingham and showcase what we have to offer global companies.
Contrast all that with Coun Mike Whitby, who has stood steadfast against the personal criticism thrown at him and who is in a position to - and does - bang the drum for our great city.
Dear Editor, It is excellent news for Birmingham that one of its most prominent and able sons has been appointed to a Cabinet post (Sir Digby: I'll bang the drum for Brum, Post June 30).
The Brum Beats Collection will bang the drum for local talent and serve as a permanent archive of the city's thriving musical scene.