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bandy about

To talk about something in a loose or gossipy manner. A noun can be used between "bandy" and "about." They are bandying about that story as if it's the truth. Management is just casually bandying about the idea of layoffs. Don't bandy that nonsense about here, we're not buying it.
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bandy with

To argue or otherwise exchange views with someone. You can bandy with him all you want, but I doubt you'll ever reach an agreement.
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bandy something about

to spread something, such as someone's good name, around in an unfavorable context; to toss words around in a gossipy fashion. (Bandy means to toss or hit something back and forth.) Just stop bandying words about and start telling the truth! There is no need to keep bandying about those rumors.
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bandy with someone

to argue [with someone]; to argue by "playing catch with words." (Bandy means to toss or hit something back and forth.) Why are you bandying with me? She has been bandied with enough. Give her a straight answer.
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bandy about

To make frequent and casual or frivolous use of a name, word, or idea: The word "genius" is bandied about too much when new authors are discussed. It made me angry that gossipy neighbors were bandying my name about.
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Despite being blind, Bandy participated in a number of activities where she made friends.
Representing both the National Petrochemical and Refiners Association and the American Petroleum Institute, Bandy said, "Our industries have long operated globally, often in unstable regions overseas where security is an integral part of providing for the world's energy and petrochemical needs.
Recognized for her vital role in working with executive management to develop and disseminate the company's key messages, Bandy will continue to oversee all facets of First American's corporate communications efforts, which include media and public relations and internal employee communications and messaging, as well as corporate branding and reputation management.
Competing in the reading portion of the challenge against 11 other blind and visually challenged children in her age group, Bandy tested all her skills - from speed and accuracy to comprehension and spelling.
Fiscal depute Geoff Main told Aberdeen sheriff court yesterday that Bandy admitted the robbery.
With offices on Monument Circle in the heart of downtown, Bandy Carroll Hellige is a growing agency in the area.
An active Association member since 1982, Bandy currently serves as editor- in-chief of the APTA Sports Physical Therapy Section's scientific journal, North American Journal of Sports Physical Therapy, and he serves as APTA Federal Government Affairs Liaison, among other APTA leadership positions.
Nick Guarino of Westmark High School in Encino won $2,000 for first place for earning high marks in school and participating in various community activities; Heather Bandy of Reseda and John Joseph A.
March 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Bandy Carroll Hellige announced today that it has been retained as one of the roster agencies of record for Humana Inc.
Also honored Saturday evening was Reseda High School team member Heather Bandy.
1 /PRNewswire/ -- Bandy Carroll Hellige Advertising and Public Relations Agency announced today that it has been retained by Skier's Choice to help the Maryville, Tenn.
Heather Bandy, 15, of West Hills, who was born blind, said she joined the team for the same reason she takes the more academically rigorous magnet classes at Reseda: She wanted a challenge.
July 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Bandy Carroll Hellige Advertising and Public Relations Agency announced today that it has been retained to handle the Greater Louisville Convention & Visitors Bureau's tourism division.
1) From left, Heather Bandy, a member of Reseda High's Academic Decathlon team who is blind, shares a laugh with team coach Rochelle Kronstadt and co-coach Vicki Arnold during a break after one of the scrimmage tests Saturday.