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bandy about

To talk about something in a loose or gossipy manner. A noun can be used between "bandy" and "about." They are bandying about that story as if it's the truth. Management is just casually bandying about the idea of layoffs. Don't bandy that nonsense about here, we're not buying it.
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bandy with

To argue or otherwise exchange views with someone. You can bandy with him all you want, but I doubt you'll ever reach an agreement.
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bandy something about

to spread something, such as someone's good name, around in an unfavorable context; to toss words around in a gossipy fashion. (Bandy means to toss or hit something back and forth.) Just stop bandying words about and start telling the truth! There is no need to keep bandying about those rumors.
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bandy with someone

to argue [with someone]; to argue by "playing catch with words." (Bandy means to toss or hit something back and forth.) Why are you bandying with me? She has been bandied with enough. Give her a straight answer.
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bandy about

To make frequent and casual or frivolous use of a name, word, or idea: The word "genius" is bandied about too much when new authors are discussed. It made me angry that gossipy neighbors were bandying my name about.
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When such weighty words as "real" get bandied about, you can barely speak in anything other than gross generalizations; for example, "Interspersing On Kawara's famous date paintings with photographs ranging from a 1966 work by Dan Graham to a 1993 picture by Robert Barry, this exhibition (curated by Robert Nickas) explores the relationship between art and the real world for the last three decades.
An additional cut in output has been bandied about for the upcoming meeting in Nigeria next month, though we point out that at least some OPEC members remain aloof about their thoughts on the subject.
In reviews and interviews with popular young bands such as Franz Ferdinand and Bloc Party, the band's name is bandied about as a primary influence.
A military fave now bandied about in the business sector, as in "We've been brainstorming for three hours and we're still AOS.
Unless you've been in a cave for the past decade, you've heard the term 'agile" bandied about with varying degrees of accuracy and recklessness.
The word diva gets bandied about so much these days that those who get the title don't always deserve the crown.
It has come to my attention that there is a lot of misinformation being bandied about on the internet regarding PLNI.
Cromwell, SAG's secretary-treasurer, pinpoints this approach to Sunday's boardroom battle in which such names as former President Clinton and former Paramount Pictures chief Sherry Lansing were bandied about by some board members in support of a wider search.
Lots of jargon was bandied about the room about all the thrilling features the new system would incorporate, but exactly what the difference would be and whether it was necessary, for the company eluded him throughout the meeting.
Public, ordinary, law-abiding citizens, who are disturbed and disgusted by the ridiculous, non-issue, nonsense, campaign rhetoric that has been bandied about by both candidates.
Figures bandied about for building roads and bringing utilities to the site have ranged from $13 million to $25 million, but college officials said those were imprecise ``guesstimates.
Which could explain why the film languished off-screen for the past year while Hollywood execs bandied it about like a hot potato.
Words both diplomatic and confrontational are bandied about.