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bandage someone or something up

to wrap bandages on someone or on someone's wounds. We should bandage the wounds up first. We should bandage up the wounds first. I have to bandage him up before we can move him. She bandaged herself up with the supplies she kept in her backpack.
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References in classic literature ?
Scrooge knew this, by the smart sound its teeth made, when the jaws were brought together by the bandage.
As the wounded knight was about to address this fair apparition, she imposed silence by placing her slender finger upon her ruby lips, while the attendant, approaching him, proceeded to uncover Ivanhoe's side, and the lovely Jewess satisfied herself that the bandage was in its place, and the wound doing well.
Add to this that Gray, the new man, had his face tied up in a bandage for a cut he had got in breaking away from the mutineers and that poor old Tom Redruth, still unburied, lay along the wall, stiff and stark, under the Union Jack.
Sancho did as he bade him, but one of the goatherds, seeing the wound, told him not to be uneasy, as he would apply a remedy with which it would be soon healed; and gathering some leaves of rosemary, of which there was a great quantity there, he chewed them and mixed them with a little salt, and applying them to the ear he secured them firmly with a bandage, assuring him that no other treatment would be required, and so it proved.
Side by side with Rob--for it was he--stood a muscular fellow of swarthy visage and with one eye hid by a green bandage.
Dr, Vincent took the bandage from its throat, and showed us the punctures.
There are few ports that I could not enter or leave with a bandage over my eyes.
He folded it into a manner of bandage and soused water from the other canteen upon the middle of it.
Horse Egan unrolled his bandage, and flicked it under Mulcahy's nose, chanting -
Was it probable that the bandage crossed my bosom in the track of the pendulum?
I am marked' - he touched the filthy bandage on his leg - 'so that they will know me at Delhi.
The handkerchief had been the bandage of a wound upon Reuben's arm; and, as he bound it to the tree, he vowed by the blood that stained it that he would return, either to save his companion's life or to lay his body in the grave.
I dismounted to bandage the shoulder of my trooper.
The old woman was sitting in the same place in which I had seen her last, in the same position, with the same mystifying bandage over her eyes.
Between your brandy and your bandage, I feel a new man.