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ban someone from something

1. to prohibit someone from doing something. We banned everyone from smoking. Everyone has been banned from smoking.
2. to prohibit someone from entering something or some place. (The same as bar someone from some place.) They banned us from the building. The manager banned the children from the theater.
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Regardless, the marginal effects of instituting a smoking ban on smoking behavior are small compared with the effects of other individual-level characteristics associated with smoking initiation (see Table 8).
The bans, under the Pubwatch scheme, could be implemented before Easter.
Although a number of smoking ban studies explicitly acknowledge (and attempt to deal with) the possibility of endogeneity (e.
Naturally, the new trans-fat ban is meant to undo previous interventions by busybodies to regulate what we eat.
Proponents of the ban assert that Michigan can move forward without the use of race-based programs.
Keith Amos (42)warehouseman from Meadow St, Old Hill, - 19 months jail and seven yearr football ban.
City spokeswoman Gail Ortiz said the ban was proposed in line with the Health Santa Clarita campaign.
One month after the ban took effect, only 41 had such symptoms, and that number decreased slightly more in the next month, the researchers report in the Oct.
We're talking about language that very clearly bans civil unions and very broadly will ban anything and everything that would be a way for couples to protect each other," says Leslie Shear, a law professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and co-chair of the school's Family Law Project.
Local experts cited by BAN estimate that anywhere from 25% to 75% of this material is useless.
After studying the issue for years, the NCAA issued the ban, which is scheduled to go into effect in February.
The wording of the ban, which will require all asphalt pavement, brick, concrete, wood, metals and old corrugated containers (OCC) from C&D activities to be diverted from disposal to a recycling center, is generally the same as the final version worked out by the DEP and various stakeholders, according to Ed Coletta, spokesperson for DEP.
Consumers can log on and submit custom-made advertisements illustrating either what they would like to ban or what Hilarie Burton wants to ban.
circuit court of appeals upholds Florida's complete ban on adoption by gays in the case of four gay men seeking to adopt foster children already in their care.