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amp;nbsp;While no one can accurately predict when the next iOS 11 beta will be released to developers, we can take a look back at the past history of Apple iOS beta releases to get a ballpark estimate of when it should arrive.
The European Commission has previously given a ballpark estimate of the bill of about e1/460 billion .
Our ballpark estimate is for every 300 MW to contribute P2 billion in profit that will add to income.
Announcement of competition: A ballpark estimate of the scope of the agreement will remain at 6.
He said he had no ballpark estimate of enforcement costs as of Tuesday night.
This will significantly bring down JICA's initial ballpark estimate of $10 billion to build a four-runway airport in Sangley," Abaya said.
In areas of litigation, my other perennial favorite comment is, "Give me your ballpark estimate on what our chances of winning are.
It's not ideal, but it allows you to produce a justifiable ballpark estimate.
A source told Gulf News that the figure of $5 billion in five years is a ballpark estimate that the Philippine government will needing (to borrow) from international funding agencies for the region.
They also can't give a good estimate of when it existed, although the ballpark estimate is 3 billion years ago.
Even if city officials can't give a definitive answer, councilors at least ask for a ballpark estimate.
For a ballpark estimate, most people find that they need somewhere between 70 and 90 percent of their pre-retirement annual income.
Could you please give me a ballpark estimate of their value?
Users can take a retirement readiness quiz, get a ballpark estimate of how much money they'll need to retire or compare 401(k), 403(b) and 457(b) plans.
The project developer visits the prospect's home, where he verifies what was said on the phone, evaluates the project's physical and financial feasibility, and provides a ballpark estimate.