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a (whole) new ballgame

A situation that is completely different from what one is used to or expecting. Living away from home is a whole new ballgame for most young adults. I used to babysit, but having a child of my own is a new ballgame.
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a (whole) new ballgame

a completely different situation The teenage world is a whole new ballgame for most parents.
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whole new ballgame, a

A completely altered situation, as in It will take a year to reassign the staff, and by then some will have quit and we'll have a whole new ballgame . This expression comes from baseball, where it signifies a complete turn of events, as when the team that was ahead falls behind. [Colloquial; 1960s]
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Corey never says anything really to anybody in a way I would see him to get thrown out of a ballgame.
Being the parent of a teen is a whole new ballgame," said Joyce Appelbaum, senior health educator at the Richmond Medical Center.
But your druthers are a guy who is 34 probably is going to feel better going in there live wire to start a ballgame.
I think what has to be done is the security within the ballpark has to be much stricter and very strict around the bullpen areas and make sure the fans in those seats are the right ticketholders at all times during the course of the ballgame.
March 1st is the start of a whole new ballgame for sports television in Florida and fans across the state as we launch FOX Sports Net," said Mickler.
It could have been anybody's ballgame,`` Mid Valley Coach Ruben Marcial said.
But the Italian's aren't out of the ballgame just yet.
I think obviously if (Salmon) is not going to be ready in a reasonable amount of time we're going to have to do something, because with both Tim and Juan down it really impacts what we need to do in ballgames.
Asked if he's eyeing the sixth seed - which Memphis currently holds - Jackson said: ``We're just playing games and trying to get momentum to win ballgames and gain confidence.
This drawing was held to award four fans a weekend in Seattle to enjoy two Texas Rangers - Seattle Mariners ballgames being played Oct.