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balk at the idea (of something)

To indignantly reject or recoil from a given idea, topic, or suggestion. He balked at the idea of reducing the number of staff to pay for an increase to the executives' pay.
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balk at

To be hesitant about doing something or to refuse to do it. My dog balked at leaving the park. The young performer balked at taking the stage at the talent show.
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balk at something

to resist and object to something; to shy away from doing something. I hope they don't balk at finishing their work. They will probably balk at it.
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balk at

1. To stop short and refuse to go on to do something: The horse balked at jumping over the fence.
2. To refuse something obstinately or abruptly: The politician balked at the compromise suggested by the opposing party.
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Balking at a blanket raise for both school principals and central office administrators, the Los Angeles school board voted Tuesday to approve an administrators' union contract while delaying a vote on other nonunion administrative employees' raises.
They also said Ulico is balking at picking up the $300,000 increase in costs that has occurred since the project was first bid nearly two years ago.
The newspaper company is balking at a provision of the plan that would require the new tower to display "large illuminating signs on the side of the building facing Eighth Avenue," according to the June 20 article, but the Times spokesperson did not return calls.
Some folks in the Dodgers organization believe Osuna's balking at the surgery because he wants to prove he can pitch and collect his $1.
Paxton said she's accustomed to people balking when she refers to math as her passion.
After opening up the inning by allowing a Todd Zeile single, Wood hit Raul Mondesi and moved the Dodgers to third and second by balking with no outs.