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balk at the idea (of something)

To indignantly reject or recoil from a given idea, topic, or suggestion. He balked at the idea of reducing the number of staff to pay for an increase to the executives' pay.
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balk at

To be hesitant about doing something or to refuse to do it. My dog balked at leaving the park. The young performer balked at taking the stage at the talent show.
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balk at something

to resist and object to something; to shy away from doing something. I hope they don't balk at finishing their work. They will probably balk at it.
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balk at

1. To stop short and refuse to go on to do something: The horse balked at jumping over the fence.
2. To refuse something obstinately or abruptly: The politician balked at the compromise suggested by the opposing party.
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When USC president Steven Sample ordered beer and alcohol sales stopped at the Coliseum in an effort to curb what he considered unruly behavior, the Coliseum Commission at first balked since it received most of the revenue from concession sales.
Despite some public display of non-affection, ESPN officially wants to keep the NHL, sources say, although the network balked in April at renewing its annual contract with the league for $60 million a year when it appeared there would be no agreement reached to start the 2005-06 season.
Hawkins, president of OFS, The Business Doctors, said DWP officials have balked at paying the bill even after agreeing to do so.
Once a concept balked at by the wireless industry, collocation has become a vital part of doing business for almost all service providers.
Last week, council members balked at a recommendation by city officials to eliminate funding for sidewalk repairs this year.
If you've ever dreamed of an island-hopping vacation in the tropical South Pacific but balked at the price, take heart: Air New Zealand on Friday debuts ``Pacifica Explorer'' fares, offering nearly 20 percent savings on air travel to any three of the exotic lands ``down under.
Ross is a surprisingly welcome addition, willing to allow herself to be deglamourized in ways previous actresses on the show would have balked at.
The turnout provided evidence of the depth of local concern among former workers who once handled radioactive materials, beryllium and silica after federal officials initially balked at aggressively serving the region because of a perceived lack of interest.
The City Council balked in July at creating a ``paper municipal utility,'' deferring the issue to the committee, which had just been formed.
A 4-year-old gelding without a victory above the stakes level on his record, Ceeband took advantage of the scratch of heavy favorite Caller One (whose trainer balked at the weight assignment) and a speed duel between Squirtle Squirt and Explicit.
Teammates rallied around Flores (3-0) early, offering encouragement after he balked a runner to second and allowed a run-scoring single that gave Carson a 1-0 lead in the second inning.
USC will not change its uniforms this season because equipment manufacturers have balked at making the change so soon, according to coach Pete Carroll.
Mark Kotsay followed that with a walk and Shaw balked the runners over.
A prosecutor balked at the continuance request, insisting Mathews was already aware of much of the information in the new reports, information that doesn't change the fundamentals of the case against Demirdjian.