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bald-faced lie

A blatantly obvious and/or impudent untruth, one in which the liar does not attempt to disguise their mendacity. Our son tells us nothing but bald-faced lies when we ask him where he goes at night.
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bald-faced liar

One who tells blatantly obvious and/or impudent untruths easily and with little or no attempt to disguise the lie. Everyone knows he is just a bald-faced liar. It's a wonder anyone believes a thing he says anymore.
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bald as a coot

Totally bald. My father had long hair as a teen, but now he's bald as a coot.
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be as bald as a coot

To be totally bald. My father had long hair as a teen, but now he's as bald as a coot.
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*bald as a coot

 and *bald as a baby's backside
completely bald. (*Also: as ~.) If Tom's hair keeps receding like that, he'll be bald as a coot by the time he's thirty. Fred: Now, I'll admit my hair is thinning a little on the top, butJane: Thinning? You're not thinning, you're as bald as a baby's backside!
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as bald as a coot

completely bald.
The coot (Fulica atra) has a broad white shield extending up from the base of its bill. The history of the word bald is somewhat obscure, but analogies with other northern European languages suggest a connection with the idea of ‘having a white patch or streak’.
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(as) bald as a ˈcoot

having no hair on your head at all: Why did you buy him a hairbrush? He’s as bald as a coot!
A coot is a black bird with a white patch on its forehead that lives on or near water.
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bald-headed hermit

and bald-headed mouse and one-eyed pants mouse
n. the penis. (Usually objectionable.) Somebody said something about the attack of the one-eyed pants mouse, and all the boys howled with laughter. Although “bald-headed hermit” gave her mental images of Ghandi on vacation, she soon figured out the riddle.

bald-headed mouse

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Today, one does not have to wade through the swamp to view the magnificent bald cypress trees.
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In the past few years alone, we've planted hundreds of thousands of pine and spruce for bald eagles in places like Superior National Forest and Chippewa National Forest, home to the country's largest population of nesting bald eagles.
The Alaska Bald Eagle Festival takes place in Haines November 11-17, with the majority of activities at the American Bald Eagle Foundation.
Because they're large birds, bald eagles need big nests.
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The survey to determine trends in bald eagle population has been held every year since 1979, according to Division of Fisheries & Wildlife Assistant Director Thomas W.
Here we present data spanning an 18-year (1991-2008) retrospective study of lead poisoning in bald and golden eagles admitted to the Raptor Rehabilitation Program, Washington State University, College of Veterinary Medicine, Pullman, WA, from eastern Washington, northern Idaho, northeastern Oregon, western Montana, and Alaska.
But for Jeff Harrison and his wife, Louise Jackson, who can see the big birds' favorite perch from their house, the annual return of the bald eagles embodies a spiritual connection with their son, Jonah Jackson, who died three years ago at age 29.
A BALD guy went to a Glasgow city centre hair salon and said to one of the barbers: "I went for a hair transplant at a Swiss clinic last week but I couldn't stand the pain.
The dramatic recovery of the bald eagle over the past 35 years has been one of the greatest conservation success stories of our nation.
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