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VA Balance is a highly effective, high-availability load balancing software fully integrated with Linux OS and ideally suited to enterprise systems.
This brings us to the first evolution of switches and load balancing, which involves the integration of Layer 4 load balancing directly onto the switch.
Continued restrained deficit spending is not likely to add much more of a burden than the nation is already carrying, despite the smug doomsdayisms of those fixated with balancing the budget.
If the Balanced Budget Amendment were in force, it is easy to envision a long series of budget crises in which 1932-style "emergency" tax increases will be repeatedly enacted, always with the promise of balancing next year's budget.
Guiding you through Balancing Act is "Level," a sculptural balancing buddy made from cubes and boxes.
Equalizer SI Series systems deliver a range of advanced and highly adaptive server/network load balancing and cluster management capabilities for datacenter environments that require the high-end reliability, performance and scalability of "big iron" servers with the low, incremental cost of ownership now possible with today's commodity servers.
In the executions, Level is balancing atop other spirit bottles on the top shelf, on a stack of martini glasses, and ice cubes.
Balancing and CDN Deployment at the NETWORLD+INTEROP 2002 Exhibition
Hydra1500 was developed to address both the form factor and intelligence requirements for service providers, allowing them to reduce the rack space taken up by load balancing devices.
com, the leading global online careers site, has licensed additional HydraWEB load balancing devices in preparation for an expected surge in traffic to its Web site in early 2000.
HydraWEB Technologies, the leading manufacturer of devices that guarantee the performance and reliability of enterprise-class e-business networks, today announced HydraFIRE(TM), the first device to combine industry-leading load balancing technology with a proven, secure application-layer firewall.
Industry's First Low-Cost Load Balancing Switch That
0, an upgrade of its intelligent load balancing appliance, and Envoy, a software add-on that enables Equalizer to direct online traffic across multiple server clusters located anywhere in the world.