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According to the survey, 70% of male respondents indicate that they are more likely to feel balanced, while only 63% of women indicate the same.
As a class, discuss the different forces that an athlete would need to counter in order to stay balanced.
McMahan calls the Balanced Scorecard a "living, breathing document that is constantly changing.
More specifically, Hackett argues that balanced scorecards should focus on a mix of internal and external measures.
The reality has been that the Balanced Budget Act's restrictions on long-term care have created more hardship and fewer savings than many congressmen anticipated.
division of exploration and production of a large oil company, which has seen a 13 percent decline in income over the last five years, expects its recent Balanced Scorecard initiative to add $350 million to its bottom line over the next 10 years.
If the budget is to be balanced, it may be balanced solely on the backs of certain of our fellow Americans in the form of lost services and jobs, fewer educational opportunities, even more anemic health care, and the continued decline of the national infrastructure.
Ron Snel, State Balanced Budget Requirements: Provisions and Practice, National Conference of State Legislatures, forthcoming.
According to Cody, AIM Balanced Fund A delivered a 21.
The time has come when, if the Government is to have an adequate basis of revenue to assure a balanced budget,.
Constitution to require a balanced budget - lukewarm because, while I wholeheartedly support balancing the budget, I have little confidence in Congress' ability to adopt a measure with teeth enough to hold them to it.
Stephen Moore, director of fiscal-policy studies at the Cato Institute, points out that state budgets, which must be balanced, tend to expand during good times and contract during recessions.
AMEX: ELN), announced the introduction of the "Quality of Life Through Balanced Nutrition(TM)" program and "Hearty Balance(TM)" foods for certain people with Parkinson's disease, a neurological disorder which affects 500,000 to one million Americans.
All that remained was to find a formula with a benefit buildup pattern that was balanced among all groups--that is, more than the traditional final average but less than cash balance at younger ages (in cash terms), while more than cash balance but less than an equal cost traditional final average pay plan at the later ages (in terms of the annuity that can be obtained).
NorthPoint tapped to develop and manage Regional College and University (RCU) Partnerships, enabling more businesses and organizations to benefit from the Balanced Scorecard Management System