balance with

balance (something) with (something else)

to offset something with something else; to balance something against something else. The teacher tends to balance a harsh grading scheme with a strong sense of fair play. Roger balanced the spicy soup with a bland first course. They balanced his bad behavior with the good, but still felt he was much too rude.
See also: balance
References in classic literature ?
The added burden of the cache and the winter snow had been too much for it; the balance it had so long maintained with the forces of its environment had been overthrown; it had toppled and crashed to the ground, wrecking the cache and, in turn, overthrowing the balance with environment that the four men and eleven dogs had been maintaining.
The auditor should then compare the expected population balance with the reported unaudited balance and accept or reject the difference, depending on judgment about materiality.
Photographers can reduce or eliminate the need for post-capture color adjustments by simply setting their white balance with the ExpoDisc before shooting.
Users just need to read and set white balance with the ExpoDisc Digital Warm Balance filter in place before shooting to produce portraits and landscapes with warmer, more pleasing colors.
From this gray frame, you then can set a custom white balance with your digital camera's menu that results in accurate color in almost all lighting conditions.
Resources are often out of balance with low performance resources receiving more requests than their higher performance counterparts.