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1. verb To speak negatively or unflatteringly about someone or something. Why are you always bad-mouthing Tiffany? You don't even know her that well!
2. noun One who says negative or unflattering things about someone or something. He's a real bad-mouth, so don't listen to anything he says about me!

bad-mouth someone or something

to say negative things about someone or something. Mr. Smith was always bad-mouthing Mrs. Smith. They just didn't get along. John bad-mouths his car constantly because it is too small for him.

bad mouth

Disparage or criticize unduly, malign, as in Why do you constantly bad mouth your colleagues? This term is believed to be of African origin, where the phrase bad mouth signifies a curse or evil spell. [1930s]
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1. tv. to speak ill of someone or something. (see also dirty mouth, poor-mouth.) I wish you would stop bad-mouthing my car.
2. n. someone who speaks ill of someone or something. Harry is such a bad-mouth!
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loved and only all professional for who or at your he were He, and more to In all my 40 years' broadcasting, I never heard one person say a bad word about Cyrille, and never heard Cyrille badmouth anyone.
I'm with a man who is very kind and loving and I will never badmouth him but the physical attraction is not there.
N-Dubz's Dappy has threatened a stage invasion if any more contestants dare to badmouth his bandmate Tulisa.
He said: "Isn't it too bad that a band with so little talent would find it necessary to try to get the Press to badmouth another artist with real talent?
Both parties, that is, are willing to badmouth the government and act as if they wish it would disappear--except for its role as a giant check-writer to groups whose votes the politicians think they need.
Dear Coleen, I'M with a man who is very kind and loving and I will never badmouth him but the physical attraction is not there.
Delusional or lucky to get through so quick and has no right to badmouth people around him/her.
It has become customary in advanced circles to badmouth David Brock and The American Spectator for "trivializing the professional efforts of the Los Angeles Times and CNN," as Frank Rich put it in The New York Times.
Afterwards we shook hands and agreed not to badmouth each other anymore.
To relieve stress caused by those who badmouth you, target the head.
But that is not reason enough for Duterte to badmouth the Catholic Church and our clergy as a whole, in the process hurting millions of Catholics who supported him in the last presidential election.
Hilmi considered Asalah's insults to him and to Egyptian singer Shireen Abd Al Wahab not new to him for it is in her nature to badmouth other artists and had done so previously in his own house.
People can condemn and badmouth us, but when they see on live TV, in real life, the situations we sometimes have to contend with out there, it's funny how their opinion of us changes.
Insiders on the show say Simon Cowell and his fellow bosses are ready to honour Cheryl's contract in full because they fear she will badmouth the series.
Claire said the Dodgers would not have gone to arbitration intending to badmouth their catcher.