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badger game

An extortion scheme in which the victim, typically a married male, is lured into a compromising situation by (usually) a woman, who, with the aid of a male accomplice in the role of a husband or partner, blackmails the victim for money under the threat of exposure or physical violence. Most likely refers to the blood sport "badger baiting," in which a badger is used as live bait to lure a dog into a pit fight. He was nearly bankrupted after he fell victim to a badger game.
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badger into

To pester or nag someone into doing something. A person's name or a pronoun can be used between "badger" and "into." Now that I have my driver's license, my little sister is constantly trying to badger me into taking her places. Did you get badgered into coming to this boring lecture today?
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badger to death

To pester or nag someone relentlessly. A person's name or a pronoun can be used between "badger" and "to." If you don't answer him, he'll just keep badgering you to death. I've been badgered to death by students all day—I need a break.
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badger someone into something

Fig. to pester someone into doing something. Don't try to badger us into doing it. My brother and I were badgered into cleaning out the garage.
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badger someone or something to death

Fig. to bother and annoy someone or some group. If you don't tell him what he wants to know, he will badger you to death until he finds out.
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badger game

An extortion scheme in which a man is lured into a compromising position, usually by a woman, and then is "discovered" and blackmailed by her associate. For example, The prosecutor accused the couple of playing the badger game. The term alludes to the much older sport of badger-baiting, in which a live badger was trapped and put inside a box and dogs were set on it to drag it out. The woman in the scheme is the "badger." [Late 1800s]
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Similar action taken by the trust against Welsh Assembly plans to cull badgers last year led to a suspension of the plans until a new scientific review is carried out.
Scarborough Magistrates' Court heard how a group of six men and a teenage boy dug out and killed two badgers from a sett on farmland at Howsham, near York, in January last year.
Essentially, they've mown down the badgers where they were, filling in their sett.
Gangs and individuals are known to be active in badger-related crime in the area and often travel hundreds of miles to secure badgers for fighting.
From my point of view, even seeing a badger lying dead on the road is upsetting," said the TV star.
It was the second time this year that a badger had been taken from the Ludlow area this year.
A third problem occurs when fox hunters try to dig out a fox that has hidden in a badger sett.
He said he regularly monitors two badger setts in the area - the one pictured and another, less remote one.
If you find a dead badger, please report it to help us in the fight against bovine TB.
Individuals are also more likely to come across a dead badger while enjoying the countryside.
He really rips you to pieces," smiles Brian Jones, a South African who rashly keeps a honey badger called Stoffel as a pet on his sanctuary for injured wildlife.
THE reason for the recent march in Birmingham was to stop the barbaric shooting of badgers.
THE figures given in The Journal on Saturday regarding the results of the badger cull in Somerset raise some questions about the logic and skills of those involved.
He writes: "I'm baffled how the badger brigade claim to be animal lovers when badgers suffering with TB end up dying a terrible death.
Summary: A badger flash mob targeted Defra in protest against badger culling to a soundtrack by Brian May who supports the cause.