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It's the sort of town where bad shit happens in motels, drug stores get raided and, no doubt, hundreds more everyday, mundane lives are lived out in an everyday, mundane manner.
Brown & Root is into some real bad shit," one told me.
It's a lot more fast-paced in New York; I could get caught up in some bad shit out there.
Then Bad Shit played--they were bananas, they were Bad Shit.
Bad Shit had an ingenious plan to step the whole energy level up a bit by throwing a best trick contest on the hip in front of the band while they played.
We came up with the name first and the sound developed into what's known as some Bad Shit.
Bad Shit played a sick set for free Death Match since Thiebaud's ramp jam Toad
My only agenda was to meet up with Bad Shit and Nihilist in Prague on Friday the 13th.
The rowdy kids were kept on a tight leash, and the after party show went off; Gravette sang for Nihilist and Bad Shit smashed every bottle and glass in the place.
Tipton: Bad Shit comes off stage, and we got renegaded by some rogue wannabe metal band.
Substantial PCL surgery has failed to sideline Tony Trujillo, who at the moment is back in the Bad Shit studio working on Drain Baby.
Bad Shit, aka Trujillo, Phelps, and Trixie, blistered through a bloodbath at the Hard Rock after event.
Thanks to the Great American Music Hall, all the bartenders, Rancid, Bad Shit, the Slackers, DVS, Matix, Almost, and Dwindle Dist.
BAD SHIT The Good, the Bad, the Shit: The Worst Cuts from the Get Tested Trilogy--No, this isn't some crappy demo tape.
An unidentified personage grabbed the pristine acrylic cube containing the ground-up plaster dust remains of Bad Shit drummer Trixi's life cast torso and ran from the exhibition.