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THIS question pops up like a bad penny whenever politicians are caught touting for money.
Then there is the spectre of the appeal to appeal the appeal of the Judicial Revue that is still hanging around like a bad penny - is this ongoing saga one of the reasons the Council breathed a sigh of relief to be rid of any links to CCFC/Sisu?
Like a particularly bad penny, the Scots extremist has attached himself to some of the ugliest causes in modern politics.
Bowen-Bravery survived many operations to the city in his Lancaster J-Jig, which he had nicknamed Bad Penny II, an operation which had claimed the lives of many of the Bomber Squadron before him.
Brother some time ago, then suddenly it's back again like a bad penny.
Painted black with an olive and brown stippled upper surface, Bad Penny was plain bullfrog-ugly, and it showed on every inch of her battered frame.
A bad penny always turns up WE all know this saying well, as meaning someone you regard as a troublemaker always reappears on the scene.
The chained CPI proposal is like a bad penny, it keeps coming back - most people have no idea what it means to them, their family, veterans and others.
Like some kind of biennial flower - or bad penny, depending on your point of view - the discussion of expanding gambling in Texas has popped up at the edges of the legislative session yet again.
A bad penny A Swedish prankster who forged coins that branded the country's King Carl Gustaf a "whore-monger" is wanted by police for defacing real coins to create his forgeries.
They deserved a bigger billing than Ed Sheeran, the evening's bad penny Jessie J or the non-awaited return of the Spice Girls.
Because if you were to do so, you would be considered a bad penny.
And he's always around, always appearing, like a bad penny.
When it does, like a bad penny, the virus is back and patients are back to square one, no matter how many brightly coloured pills they swig with their breakfast orange juice.
It was the first British jazz act to hit the top 20 - in 1956 - with the song Bad Penny Blues and he was still touring with it until last year.