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63% of people who say black cats are bad luck also believe in ghosts and 59% say they are superstitious.
Cancer-free longevity in people exposed to cancer-causing agents, such as tobacco, is often attributed to their 'good genes,' but the truth is that most of them simply had good luck," adds Vogelstein, who cautions that poor lifestyles can add to the bad luck factor in the development of cancer.
Lead researcher Prof Bert Vogelstein said: "All cancers are caused by a combination of bad luck, the environment and heredity.
The remaining nine had incidence rates higher than predicted by bad luck, presumably due to the influence of environmental or inherited factors.
Lead researcher Professor Bert Vogelstein said: "All cancers are caused by a combination of bad luck, the environment and heredity.
According to The Mirror, though Hamilton remains in the hunt for the F1 title, he is turning to Buddha in an effort to improve his blighted bad luck.
In other words, one can literally wash away both good and bad luck -and that will dramatically change your tolerance for risk.
The court heard that between 21 and 23 October 2011, Mvukwe would lure his victims--who all also lived in Magwe, Matebeleland South--to his residence after telling them that they had bad luck and that he could treat them of the problem.
I have had 10 years of bad luck with Ellen, Vinton, and then Eunice.
Eidul Adha falls 70 days after Eidul Fitr, and many believe that it is bad luck to get married between the two.
Button this week bemoaned a run of bad luck which has dogged him since his stunning victory in Canada last month.
Not opening an umbrella inside to avoid bad luck 5.
It's not bad luck that we haven't put the ball in the net and it's not unlucky we haven't kept a clean sheet.
Summary: One of Hong Kong's tallest skyscrapers declined to hold a Dutch charity exhibition of clogs because of worries the clunky footwear would bring bad luck, according to news reports Sunday.
Most superstitions were given extra attention yesterday - Friday the 13th - as it is the day supposedly associated with bad luck.