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The MSM is backwardly compatible with Ixia's existing test platforms, including the IXIA 1600T(TM) and 400T(TM), and forwardly compatible with Ixia's new Optixia(R) X16 platform.
When costs are up, companies that are backwardly integrated into key monomers have a big advantage over companies that must purchase theirs from outside sources.
The TrueCast 8 products are designed to work with the TrueMotion VP7 codec but are also backwardly compatible with previous versions of TrueMotion.
Options for PIC include T1/EI PRI, ISDN, Sync, Async, Ethernet and VoIP interfaces, ensuring that the AR440S is not only backwardly compatible with the older technologies SMBs may need to support, they are also ready to take on new applications well into the future.
6 volts at 100mA, burning JTAG security fuse for extra protection and backwardly compatible with existing FETs and existing JTAG socket boards.
We shortly will be introducing the next generation of solutions incorporating the 'soldier proof' lessons learned from OEF and OIF and, at the same time, ensuring that these new products will be backwardly compatible with the existing DoD infrastructure.
0 standard enables data transfer speeds up to 480 Mbps and is backwardly compatible with the initial USB 1.
Advanced EHF satellites and terminals will be backwardly compatible with those of the Milstar system, the existing highly secure system now in orbit.
Since RLL is a backwardly integrated company, all aspects of the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) and formulation development were undertaken utilizing the capabilities and competencies residing within RLL.
ODS designed this new Switch family to be backwardly compatible with all ODS Infinity platforms shipped since the Infinity was introduced in 1993.
COMStax is backwardly compatible with Arnet's external DB-25 connector boxes.
0XL is fully compatible with all existing ArchiveXL 80MB drives, and is backwardly compatible with earlier versions of QICstream XL software.
Each piece is selected with great care, and must be backwardly and forwardly compatible to provide the most value, says Ron Daley, of the San Jose Police department's video division.
All new technology delivered in the MRR is backwardly compatible with fielded systems around the world.