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Anneal conditions often dictate the degree of complexity associated with backside and bevel-edge film-removal processes.
Backside tail block to fakie Backside 360 ollie to rock 'n'
The backside guard and tackle pull and kick out the defensive end and seal the linebacker.
Years of being caressed by nappies and knickers and saved from the ravages of the sun means the skin on your backside is 20 years younger looking than the skin on your face.
The customer will use the 304 for the removal of backside contamination (copper, films, particles) in its 300 mm semiconductor wafer pilot line.
READING'S Liberian hero Mass Sarr earned an undeserved point for his side after taking a kick up the backside from assistant boss Pat Bonner.
OK, so she runs about as fast as smog clearing out of the basin, but like the tortoise who beat the hare, when the trophies are handed out for agility at American Kennel Club competitions, it's usually Roxanne showing her backside to the faster, leaner sheltie and terrier breeds.
The inspection tool-set, featuring new backside color processing capability and auto-die classification, will be used for outgoing quality assurance in back-end semiconductor manufacturing--the critical last opportunity to catch defects before the semiconductor ICs are diced and packaged.
We tried to get him trained in there a little so he could get ready for it, tried to teach him how to do some backside airs and drop in from the extensions and stuff in there.
The backside tackle blocks the DE, then moves downfield to play side.
He accused the striker of pointing his backside towards home fans in an insulting gesture.
ERP $1,599 350MHz/64MB DRAM/1MB level 2 backside cache/ATI RAGE 128 with 16MB Video SDRAM/6GB Ultra ATA hard drive/24x-speed CD-ROM drive (maximum)
The old Middlesborough saying is to flash your backside in Binns window, and I've been held to it.
The man who is famed for being as tight as a fish's backside isn't so much worried about justice, or the woman he hurt, more about the fact that unless he clears his name no-one wants to employ him.