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*back (some place)

returned to some place; at some place again. (*Typically: be ~; get ~; arrive ~.) I can't wait till we get back home. When will we get back? Is it much farther?


(at someone) repaying someone for a bad deed. (*Typically: get ~; have ~.) Tom called me a jerk, but I'll get back at him. I don't know how I'll get back for her insult, but I will.


n. one’s support or second in a fight. (From back-up.) I need a back I can depend on.
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Nate Cochran brings plenty of experience as the Pioneer's new running backs coach.
Now, invigorate the backs of the legs and the chest at the same time by moving into Intense Side Stretch.
Ikegawa and his colleagues identified a genetic component in lumbar-disk disease by comparing the DNA of 188 people who have the disease and 367 people with healthy backs.
Patients with chronic back pain, as well as their doctors, often harbor apprehensions that exercise will harm their backs further and cause significant pain.
On top of that there's the question of whether humans have evolved so that our low backs can withstand the test of time.
Proper training and awareness of body position helps minimize stresses dancers put on their lower backs, especially from movements like arabesque.
APA backs up their entire system daily and keeps a duplicate at a secure, off-site location to protect against any emergency.
Finally, in Burke, 929 F2d 1119 (1991), the Sixth Circuit held that backs pay award received in settlement of a sex discrimination claim under Title VII could be excluded from gross income under Sec.
The first numeral designates the coverage we want vs two backs.
As kids return to school, protect their backs from weight-related injuries.
Of the thousands of yoga postures, I'd like to recommend three that are good for backs and spines.
It may be more appropriate to treat other patients by helping them cope with the pain and strengthening their backs, he suggested.
It can be run from formations such as the "I", split backs or Wing-T with either a tight-end wing set or to a tight-slot set.
Picks: Full rack of baby backs, garlic toast, barbecued beef or ham sandwich.
With barbecue enthusiasts eagerly counting down to National Barbecue Month in May, Applebee's Neighborhood Grill & Bar today introduced its new Honey BBQ Baby Backs in all of its nearly 1,600 restaurants across the country.